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Welsh Slate was used throughout the World, from Europe to South Africa and from America to Australia.  Welsh Quarrymen flocked to the U.S.A.  The Quarries affected the everyday lives of thousands of workers.  Through hard work, bitter strikes and disputes a closeknit, culturally rich society developed. 

Literateurs and poets, choirs, bands, soloists were raised in these areas.  Industrialists and preachers were raised here.  A unique monoglot Welsh language industry of epic proportions flourished.  But it flourished on quicksand, and the slow, steady decline in the twentieth century could not be reversed.

The challenge was met in many ways with varying amounts of success.  But the great industry is now only a pale shadow of what it was.  The area is littered with the remains of yesterday's quarries.  But this is your chance to visit and sample some of these rich traditions in all their aspects, be they good, bad or ugly.
A Quarryman splitting slate
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