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Pay, Strikes and Living Conditions - 1897 Penrhyn Strike Agreement 

pay and living conditions strikes 1900-1903 penrhyn strike
development of trade unionism quarry management  



I.—(a) The grievances of any employe, crew, or class shall be submitted by him or them in the first instance to the Local Manager. If dissatisfied with the decision of the Local Manager, then the said grievances shall be submitted to the Chief Manager either personally or by deputation appointed in such manner as the workmen may deem advisable, but to consist of not more than five (5) employes selected from the same class as the person or persons aggrieved who must be included in the deputation.

(b) Grievances in which the employes generally are interested or which they may adopt on behalf of an employe, crew, or class who have submitted their grievances under the preceding clause and are dissatisfied can again be sub- mitted to the Chief Manager by a deputation consisting of not more than six (6) employes appointed in auch manner as the workmen may deem advisable.

(c) Finally in a similar manner in all cases of importance an appeal may be made to Lord Penrhyn either by the individual or by a deputation, against the decision of the Chief Manager, the grounds of such appeal shall in all cases be first submitted to his Lordship in writing.

II.—Suitable Rybelwyr will be given Monthly Bargains without delay as soon as the Management find it practicable.

III.—The letting of contracts to be left in the hands of the Management who engage all persons employed thereon and see that each employe receives his just ratio of wage.

IV.—Previous to the cessation of work the average wage paid to the Quarrymen was 5/6 per day, other piece work classes being in proportion, (viz. : Badrockmen 4/7 and Labourers 3/7); when work is resumed this same basis will be continued so long as trade permits.

V.—All the late employes who desire work in the Penrhyn Quarry will be readmitted in a body as far as it is practicable, and the remainder as soon as work can be arranged for them. Reasonable time being allowed to those who may now be employed at a distance.

18th August, 1897

(On behalf of Lord Penrhyn.) 
(On behalf of the men for their confirmation.)


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