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Learning Trails

C. Sheridan Jones, Daily NewsWhat are Learning Trails?  These are one or more related resources, documents or images, available for those who wish to undertake research using original documents online.  It should be noted that many of these items are large and will take some time to download.  This is because these documents have been scanned to higher resolutions than is usual, because of the need for these documents to be readable on screen.  Some of these documents are also in colour which again increases the document size and therefore the time taken for downloading.

It is assumed that those using the Learning Trail, as well as the remainder of Slatesite, will have access to Adobe Acrobat.  This can be downloaded free form the Adobe Acrobat web site.

Learning Trails:

  1. Publications
    What I saw at Bethesda by C. Sheridan Jones, pictured right, 

    Lord Penrhyn's Methods by C. Sheridan Jones

  2. Slate Prices
  3.  Video Library

[To watch videos contained in this site you will need to use either the Internet Explorer 4.0 + or Netscape Navigator 4.7+ browser. You must also have Windows Media Player 7.1 installed on your system (this is already installed on most Windows systems) or have the Windows Media Player plug-in installed (Netscape and Macintosh users). If, when clicking on a clip you are informed that you need to upgrade your player then you will need to visit the Microsoft Windows Media Home website. ]

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