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Perchnogion Chwareli

Sir Gaernarfon Sir Feirionnydd Sir Fôn
Llinach Oakeley Masnachwyr Cymraeg a Saesneg  




  1. That an Association of Slate Quarry Proprietors be formed for the protection and benefit of the trade generally, such Association to include Quarries producing Slates classified in the Trade as Porthmadog or Ffestiniog Slates.
  3. That any Individual, Company or Firm, working a Slate Quarry in the said District may become a Member of this Association.
  4. That all those desirous of joining the Association, shall state in writing to the Secretary, the names of the Slate Quarries which they are working within the District of the Association, also the aggregate number of Men and Boys they employ."
  5. That any Member desirous of withdrawing from the Association, or of selling below the prices agreed upon from time to time, shall be at liberty to do so after the expiration of two months from receipt of written notice by the Secretary, provided that such latter notice shall contain the particulars of the Slates the Member desires to sell, and the minimum price at which he will dispose of them.
  6. That an Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held at Porthmadog, in November and that any Three Members shall have the power of convening a Meeting of the Association on giving Notice in writing to the Secretary, who, within Seven Days from receipt of that Notice, shall issue circulars Calling the Meeting, not earlier than Seven Days, and not later than Twenty-eight Days, from date of Notice, and stating - the time and place at which it is to be held, and the object for which it is convened.
  7. That a Chairman and Secretary for the ensuing year be appointed at the Annual Meeting.
  8. That a quorum shall consist of Members representing not less than two-thirds of the total voting power of the Association.
  9. That any Individual, Company or Firm, having joined the Association shall appoint One of their Number, or an Official connected with their Quarries, to act and vote on their behalf at the Meeting or Meetings of the Association.
  10. That any Member, who is prevented from attending a Meeting of the Association, may render his vote by proxy, the person appointed as proxy being either a Member of the Association, or officially connected with the Quarry which the absentee represents.
  11. That the Members may appoint in writing any other person officially connected with their respective Quarries to attend the Meeting, and join in the discussion, but not to take part in the voting.
  12. That every Member shall have One Vote for every 25 Workmen, up to the number of 100 employed at the Quarry which he represents, and One Vote for every further 50 Workmen for the next 300, and One Vote for every additional 100 Workmen employed.
  13. That each Member of the Association shall, on application from the Secretary, furnish a return of the average Number of Men and Boys employed in the Quarry, during the preceding year, ending 31st October, and that such return govern the voting power for the ensuing year.
  14. That the Members of the Association shall be bound to act on the vote of the majority of the Members in Meeting assembled, as far as it is legal for them so to do. Provided always, that if any resolution is passed, which any Member may deem impracticable for him to adhere to, he may, notwithstanding RULE 5, give One Month's Notice of his withdrawal from the Association, such Notice to be sent to the Secretary within 10 Days from the date of the Meeting.
  15. That all Expenses incurred by the Association, shall be defrayed by a levy on the Members, calculated on the basis of the pro raid principle regulating the voting power.

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